Cedar Image Cedar, usually called flat cedar or white cedar. Our Creation stories tells us that this was the very first medicine ever given to the two legged. Given by a Grandmother star that at one time was in the center of the big dipper. She was asked to come here to help the Earth people at the time when there was a great sickness here on the Earth. Long story short she showed the people how to make tea out of this and we have been using this ever since. Cedar is another one of those medicines that is used to purify. Years ago I heard that if a person is going to use this as a form of medicine they should pick it only from the East side of the tree because that is the side that greets Grandfather Sun each day and it is said that that is the side that is most potent. We know today that there are many many uses for cedar. One of the most common uses for cedar is placing it on the earth in a sweat lodge. Women are usually asked to do that. That is known as dressing the lodge. When cedar is used in that way it is said that the women should place the light side up because that is the side that faces the Earth and we want the spiritual strength from the Earth. One should also know that if one attends a sweat lodge or purification ceremony and if they are having a hard time breathing because of the heat they can pick up some cedar and hold it in front of them and breathe through it, it will help. The cedar was also cut down to size and used to make canoes. On one side of it it was sort of rounded out at the edges and the flat side was faced down and rounded edge side was bent upward to form the sides. Rims for baskets and snowshoes were done the same way all bent with the rounded out side facing in.