Eagle Feather

Eagle Feather Image Years ago our Elders used to tell us that we had to earn the right to have an Eagle Feather in other words one had to work for it. One could earn one by doing something good on a consistent basis like always helping Elders or people who need help. Another way was by doing something honorable and respectful for the community. It had to be something consistent, something that one always did and got noticed for, maybe it would be just being nice to people all the time. In the old days only special people had a white eagle feather usually medicine people or healers. If a person was lucky enough to find one that did not mean that it was a gift from the eagle to the finder. If that was the case the finder was supposed to take it to either a spiritual leader or veteran who would determine who would get the feather. In the old days it was always considered the highest honor to receive an eagle feather it showed that one worked very hard to earn one. There is no difference in a small eagle feather, a plume or a large feather they are all the same.