Eagle Whistle

Eagle Whistle Image In the old days our traditional teachers taught us to have respect for Eagle Whistles and they taught us to use it only for good reason after all we are calling upon the Guardians, Doorkeepers and Grandfathers to do for us what we cannot do. They told us to make sure that there was good enough reason to call upon them, in other words use it in time of need and as an example they said at a time of asking for help in a community or at a time of serious illness or death. They also said that these things are not toys and not something to play around with. They were never meant to be used at Pow Wows such as they are today. As a word of caution they also said that if one uses it for the wrong reason it will come back on the people. Those Spiritual Guardians, Doorkeepers and Grandfathers do not like to be called upon just to watch one play. When they are used for the wrong reason the Thunders will come with the purifying rains to clean the area from the wrong doing.