Welcome to the Future

This may not be exactly what our Elders had in mind when they said that it is our responsibility to orally hand down to the next generation the things that we learn so that those coming behind us would have what we have and more.

We were always reminded to think ahead for seven generations remembering that what we do and how we live will serve as a foundation for those yet to come. As we pick up those things that were left for us and use them to the best of our ability, it is our intent through the electronic world to preserve and pass it on to all future generations.

Earl Meshigaud Potawatomi

Our Elders persevered through many hard times and it is our belief that this came about because of the teachings and the values in our spiritual language because it was based on a good way to live.

So in this way we hope that the 'memory' of the computer (wzhobontakchegan) world will hold for future generations what we may have otherwise forgotten. Live a good, healthy life because your actions serve as the best teacher and let the computer assist you in your learning.

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