Wabno Lodge

Wabno Lodge Image We, the Potawatomi people are the youngest brother of three brother nations commonly called the Three Fires Confederacy and it is our responsibility to keep the Sacred Fire Burning for the People during the times of our Ceremonies. Our middle brother is the Ottawa and who at one time were known as the people of the shaking lodge, the Jiskan lodge were responsible for providing all the provisions that would be needed during the gatherings. The oldest brother being the Ojibwa, were responsible for the Midé, the old teachings on medicines and ceremonies. The Potawatomi had their ways as well and were known for the very powerful medicines that they knew and were highly sought after. Years ago that was called the Society of the Dawn and as time would come to pass all of that would go away and many years later the Potawatomi would come to follow the ways of the Wabno. The Wabno is basically a combination of all of the ceremonial ways mixed into one with a lot of the ceremonies borrowed from the Mide. The Mide is a shortened term for Midewiwin. As you can see all of the people of the three fires confederacy had their way and their own bundle. Bundle meaning the way that they followed. Each of them also had their own unique way of constructing their ceremonial lodges with the Mide using more of a long house style wigwam and the Potawatomi using a half round lodge. They have teachings that say it represents the world and each set of rings going around the lodge represent the four levels of spirituality. They also say that you have to use your imagination to see it as they do, what is above is also below and if you look at it or see it that way it represents the world as it is completely round. In the center of the earth the earth there is an eternal fire that burns and is referred to as the Heart of our Grandmother and so it is, our fire represents the light of creation and is in the very center of our lodge/world. When our people talk about our ways, we think about them as a Medicine Bundle so each brother has their own bundle and their own way to follow. Also at one time all brother nations came together to renew the confederacy and the ceremonies but as time would come to pass there would not be such a reliance on the ways of the confederacy and slowly the confederacy would diminish in its purpose and the tribes would each go their separate way. The old ways of the bundles are still in place today and there is a number of people who keep the old ways going. We still say today that if you want to learn about the old ways you have to go to places where they still do that because it our belief that we reserve those places for those kinds of teachings.